What is Pilatre?

PILATRE® is the first 3C (Cardio, Core & Control) workout routine created for the treadmill.

Make your cardio training fun and increase your calorie burn by incorporating exercises that target your (deep) core muscles, increase strength and flexibility to provide overall balance of the body.

PILATRE® benefits:
  • builds stamina and boosts endurance
  • increases calorie burn on treadmill
  • activates the deep core muscles and improves posture
  • increases strength throughout the body
  • improves flexibility and function of the joints and muscles
  • reduces stiffness of the body
  • frees body from unnecessary tension and helps avoid muscle imbalances
  • improves breathing habits and focus
  • relieves stress and anxiety
  • helps avoid pain and prevent injury

PILATRE® training provides you with good stamina and a natural corset around your waist like a cherry on cake. PILATRE® helps develop a balanced body by boosting endurance and focusing on the deeper as well as superficial muscles of the body.


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