Our Story

The story of PILATRE® started in Singapore where Triin Randloo, the creator and founder/CEO of PILATRE®, was travelling for work.

As a former volleyball player  her injured knees wouldn't allow her to run any more and so her cardio training had to involve power-walking instead of running. Her job in the field of international relations took her to various countries all over the world and a treadmill for the workout could easily be found everywhere.

However, after a while Triin found treadmill to be awfully dull and dreary. To make the walking routine more fun and effective, she started doing different exercises on it mixing them with fast walking and good music. The results were amazing  - strength, flexibility and mood improved after every workout.

While she had practiced her own work-out routine in one Singapore gym for several weeks, one German lady once approached her to ask about the training method: “What is it and can I practice together with you?”

For Triin, this turned out to be an eureka-moment as she had just found her long searched passion in life how to make as many people as possible happier! From that day on she became determined to work on creating and developing a workout for treadmill that is more FUN, EFFICIENT and for WIDE range of people, suitable for all ages, shapes and sizes.

After deep research and conversations with physiotherapists, cardiologists and personal trainers,  she discovered that there is no special training routines for treadmill.

To fill out the gap, she was also missing a very important link -  a passionate TEAM with whom to start the PILATRE® journey.

What she needed was a training specialist to strike up healthy and effective exercises and also a legal specialist to help see her through bureaucracy. After a phone-call to Kerttu Tänav - a certified and experienced pilates instructor and Siim Mägi, an experienced lawyer and marketer, the team was found and created.

PILATRE® is much more than just training videos - it is a lifestyle that stands for happy , healthy and balanced way of living. Everyone can practice it on every treadmill and find it on all devices.

Triin Randloo

Founder of Pilatre

Kerttu Tänav

Co-founder of Pilatre

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