How to Train Safely?

  • Safety first

Before Pilatre make sure that you feel safe and comfortable walking on the treadmill. Pilatre combines cardiovascular movement on treadmill with exercises that target the whole body, challenging stability, control and focus at the same time.

  • Choose your own pace

To maintain safety we strongly advise you to start moving at their own pace - find your own comfortable and suitable tempo for power-walk sections as well as for exercises and feel free to hold from the rails of the treadmill at all times.

  • Breath

To get the most out of Pilatre training make sure that you incorporate a full and healthy breathing pattern - focus on inhaling deeply through the nose and exhaling fully through the mouth. See that your clients do not hold their breath!

  • Keep your posture

For most effective core workout maintain a nice posture throughout the power-walk as well as exercises’ sections. Keep the core muscles engaged by tightening the abdominals and pulling the navel gently toward your spine lengthening through the body to the crown on the head.

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